Githu Muigai Education and CV

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Prof. Githu Muigai was born on 31st January 1960 in Ndumberi village Kiambu County. Githu Muigai was the Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya until February 13 2018. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Law degree from the University of Nairobi, a master’s degree in International Law from Columbia University School of Law and was awarded a doctorate degree in law in November 2002.

Prior to becoming Attorney General Githu Muigai served in the defunct Constitution of Kenya Review Commission and at the United Nations as Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

Prof. Githu Muigai curriculum vitae

NAMES:                                Githu Muigai.


NATIONALITY:                    Kenyan.


DATE OF BIRTH:                 31st January 1960


MARITAL STATUS:            Married with Three children.



  • Associate Professor , Department of Public

Law, Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi (On leave of absence).

  • Senior Partner, Mohammed Muigai, Advocates                                                                




St. James,

Kiambu Primary School:



Githiga Secondary School:



Meru School:



University of Nairobi. (1980-1984).

Kenya School of Law. (1984-1985).

Columbia University Law School, New York (1985-1986).

University of Nairobi (1995-2001).


  1. Certificate of Primary Education – 1973
  2. East African Certificate of Education -1977
  3. East African Advanced Certificate of Education -1979
  4. Bachelor of Laws. (LLB, Hons)-1984.
  5. Diploma in Legal Practice (Dip Law)-1985.
  6. Master of Laws (LLM)-1986
  7. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)-2001


  1. Advocate, High Court of Kenya.
  2. Commissioner for Oaths (Kenya).
  3. Certified Public Secretary (Kenya).
  4. Chartered Arbitrator, (Kenya)
  5. Ex-Member of Council, Law Society of Kenya.
  6. Ex-Chairman, International Commission of Jurists (Kenya Section).
  7. Ex-Member, Executive Board, Legal Advice Centre (Nairobi, Kenya).
  8. Member, Third World Legal Studies Association (U.S.A).
  9. Member, International Advisory Board, Journal of Human Rights law and Practice.
  10. Member Publications and Law Reporting Committee, Law Society of Kenya.
  11. Associate Professor, Widener University Law School, Annual Summer, International Law Institute, Nairobi, Kenya.
  12. Ex-Chancellor to the Bishop, Diocese of Mount Kenya South, Church of the Province of Kenya.
  13. Member Association of American law Schools.
  14. Member International Bar Association.
  15. Member Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya.
  16. Member Law Society of Kenya
  17. Member International Commission of Jurists
  18. Chairman and Director ,Institute of Education in Democracy
  19. Ex-Member, Ethics committee Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  20. Ex-Member, Ethics and professional conduct committee Institute of certified public Secretaries.
  21. Fellow Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (United Kingdom).
  22. Member, East African Law Society.
  23. Member, Association of American trial Lawyers.
  24. Chairman, Advocates Disciplinary Committee  


  1. Best Student E.A.A.C.E. Class of 1979-Meru School.
  2. Best Student, First Year Law Class, University of Nairobi – 1980.
  3. Winner, the Hamilton, Harrison and Mathews Advocates Prize for best Law Student: 1981.
  4. Best Student ,Third Year law Class, University of Nairobi-1984
  5. Winner of the Hamilton, Harrison and Mathews prize for best graduating Student: 1984.
  6. Winner of the Kaplan & Stratton Advocates, prize for the best final year Student. 1984
  7. Winner of the Gandhi Smarak prize for best final year student, University of Nairobi: 1984.
  8. Fulbright Scholar: 1985 – 1986 (S.A.)
  9. Ford Foundation Fellow: – 1991 – 1992.
  10. Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Widener University Law School, Delaware USA. Fall Semester 1995.

CONFERENCE-SEMINAR AND OTHER PAPERS.                                                    


  1. “The Future of Customary Land Law in Kenya” (A paper presented at the Law Reform Commission of Kenya’s seminar on Land Law in Kenya, Nairobi, November 1986).


  1. “Women and Property Rights in Kenya” (A paper presented at  the International Federation of Women Lawyers (F.I.D.A.)Conference on, Women and the Law ,Nairobi, August 1987.)


  1. Joint Ventures and the Transfer of Technology in Kenya” (A paper presented at the East Africa Technology Studies Network Seminar, Arusha Tanzania, December 1987).


  1. “The Rule of Law and the Challenge of Democracy”: (A paper presented at the International Commission of Jurists, Kenya Section seminar on Law and Society Nyeri February 1988).


  1. Constitutional Government and Human Rights in Kenya” (A paper resented at a conference on Constitutional Government and Human Rights in Africa , Maseru, Lesotho, October 1989).


  1. The Judiciary in Kenya and the Search for a Philosophy of Law” (a paper presented at an International Commission of Jurists, Seminar, on Law and the Administration of Justice in Kenya. Nairobi 1990).


  1. International Relations and Democratic Pluralism” (A paper presented at a conference on Democracy in Africa, Dakar, Senegal, November 1990).


  1. Preventive Detention and the Politics of Law” (A paper presented at the International Commission of Jurists seminar on Human Rights, Justice and Peace – Naivasha, May 1991).


  1. The Changing Governance Patterns in Africa and the Challenge to African Diplomacy” (A paper presented at the university of Nairobi’s, Diplomacy training programs conference on 30 years of African Diplomacy Mombasa, December 1991.)


  1. Law and Ethics in Dentistry” (A paper presented at the 5th International Association for Dental Research, Conference Nairobi, November 1990)


  1. From the Governor to the Imperial President : Constitutional Transformation and the Crises of Governance in Kenya “(A paper presented at the Ford foundation  workshop on Governance in East Africa – Nairobi, April 1992)


  1. Amending the Constitution : The Lessons from History” (A  paper presented at  an International Commission of Jurists  conference on Freedom of Association, Expression and Assembly,  Mombasa, May 1992).


  1. The Opposition and the Crisis of Governance in Kenya” (A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the African Studies Association, Seattle Washington, November 1992).


  1. (With Wachira Maina Esq., “Contempt of Court Law as a Limitation on Press Freedom” (A paper presented at a seminar on Press freedom in Kenya, Nairobi September 1993).



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  1. 30 years of Litigating the Bill of Rights in Kenya”(A paper presented at Judicial Conference of the Tanzanian Judiciary Arusha Tanzania 18th-19th June 1996.)


  1. Reforming executive power in Kenya” (paper presented at the Law Society of Kenya annual seminar, February 1997)


  1. Public Interest Law and Public Interest Litigation In East Africa” (paper presented at a regional workshop on Public Interest Law in East Africa, Entebbe Uganda June 1998)


  1. “Case Flow and Case Load Management in the Criminal Justice System”, paper presented at a work shop on the criminal justice system at Lake Bogoria club 24th – 27th September 1998.


  1. Jomo Kenyattaa and the Rise of the Ethno-nationalist State in Kenya”, a paper presented at the Workshop on Ethnicity and Democracy in Africa, Queens University, Ontario, Canada, and 17-21 March 2000.)


  1. Constitutional Amendment and the Constitutional Amendment process in Kenya 1964-1992: A Study in the Politics of the Constitution” (PhD Thesis, University of Nairobi 2001).


  1. The Challenge of Addressing both Economic Crimes and Gross Human Rights Violations in Truth Commission Process” Paper presented at the conference on Truth Commissions and political Transitions, Nairobi August 15th 2003.




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  1. Towards a theory of Constitutional Amendments” East African Journal of Human Rights,2004


  1. The Law of Contempt of Court in KenyaThe Advocate, Journal of the Law Society of Kenya(February 2006)


  1. The Courts and Human Right in Kenya (Editor)
  2. Cases and Materials on Constitutional Litigation in Kenya (2006)                 


  1. Constitutional Theory
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. International human rights law
  4. International Humanitarian law.
  5. Transnational Legal problems.
  6. Civil liberties.
  7. Gender & the law
  8. Jurisprudence and legal philosophy. 


  1. Constitutional litigation
  2. Media Law
  3. Criminal Defence
  4. Appellate practice
  5. Commercial Arbitration 


Consultant, Legal aspects of Low cost Housing in Kenya. (a Government of Kenya -World Bank Project. 1987)


  1. Consultant, Foreign Technology and Management Contracts in Joint Ventures. (A Government of Kenya and United Nations Centre for Transnational Corporations Study – June 1987 to June 1988).


  1. Consultant, Performance Review of Institutions of Science and Technology in Kenya (an Economic Commission for Africa Project – June 1989).


  1. Consultant, Joint Ventures and Technology Transfer in Kenya. (An I.D.R.C. Project, July 1989 – June 1990)


  1. Consultant, Election Law in Kenya, National Election monitoring unit, Kenya.(June 1992 -December 1993).


  1. Consultant ,Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung Foundation, Constitutional Changes in a Multiparty Kenya, September 1992)


  1. Consultant, Kenya Law Reform Commission and office of the Attorney General, Task Force to Review Penal Laws and Procedures in Kenya (July 1993- November, 1995).


  1. Regional Consultant, Teaching of International Humanitarian Law in East Africa, the International committee of the Red Cross.- (1998-99).


  1. Consultant, International Federation of women lawyers – The Management of Legal Aid Clinics (1998).


  1. Consultant, INTERIGHTS (London) – Public interest Law and Public Interest Litigation in East Africa (1998).


  1. Consultant, Judicary|UNDP –  Case Flow and Case load Management in Kenyan Courts (1998)


  1. Consultant, UNDP\AG ,Task Force on Laws Affecting Women – Proposals for and Draft Bill on the reform of Family Law in Kenya (1998-99).


  1. Legal Expert-Draftsman- The Transitional Charter of the Federal Republic of Somalia(IGAAD-2003)


  1. Facilitator, Workshop on Judicial Reform in Africa-A world Bank distance learning programme.(Nairobi, Sep-Dec 2003)
  2. Commissioner, Constitution of Kenya Review Commission-2001-2005, Review of the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya. 
  1. Consultant, DPP’s Office . Developing a prosecutors training curriculum & manual, code of conduct and national prosecution policy (January –March 2006)


  1. Prof Patrick Kelly

Widener University School of Law

Widener University, Wolmington, Delaware



  1. Mr Justice Aaron Ringera

Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission

Integrity Centre