KMTC Student Bursaries and Loans Program

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The purpose of Kmtc student bursaries and loans program is to enable individuals with insufficient financial resources to pursue their studies by providing financial assistance.

  • Kmtc Cdf/County Bursary
  • Kmtc Helb Loans  – Biggest Share
  • Kmtc Ismail Rahimtulla Trust
  • Kmtc Ratansi Education Trust


  1. Counties and CDF are supporting students however the amounts given are very minimal except few
  2. Process is self-Initiated by the student at the county level.
  3. Bursary form is obtained at the county offices
  4. Follow up is by individuals concerned or their guardian after applying



  1. Available for KMTC students as Afya Elimu Fund that was negotiated by KMTC and FUNZOKenya (Partner with KMTC)
  2. There are two Categories: –
  • First Time Applicants – All students who have never applied for HELB LOAN at any time irrespective of the year of study
  • Subsequent Applicants – All students who have at any given time applied for HELB Loan irrespective of whether they benefitted or not
  1. Process- Applied after the HELB office puts an advert specifying the category to apply
  2. Applications are done on-line or as per guidelines on the advertisement
  3. Application forms are downloaded later for appropriate signatories and sent to HELB Loan Office directly by students
  4. A List of successful students is sent to the Bursary office for Verification by Principals (an exercise of checking whether students belong to the specified College and their Fee Balances)
  5. When successfully verified, payment is done to KMTC Central collection Account and KMTC issues receipt.
  6. Bursary Desk officer sends list of successful applicants and copy of receipt to Principals concerned.
  7. Principals input the loan in individual student ledgers and inform them e.g. through mounting list of the students on their Notice board.

Note the Following:

  • There is a lapse of time between the initial list of the beneficiaries and payment which comes with name of those paid for (Verification period).
  • However all students in the initial list must be paid for though amounts may vary depending on the Student fee balances forwarded to HELB office by Principal


Once advert is out. It has deadlines and therefore any difficulties experienced should be communicated to Desk Officer both at College level or HQ and HELB office

All Pre-service students of KMTC are eligible provided they follow advertisement guideline Higher National Diploma Students are not eligible. However, HELB Loan is available to Public servants on training and details can be obtained from their website or KMTC Human Resource Manager – Head office.


Process involved

  1. Hand written Application is send by student directly to Ismail Rahimtulla Trust, see address below
  2. Application forms are later sent thro Bursary office – HQ to Principals for students who had applied to fill (Rahimtulla decides who to sent the forms to)
  3. Dully filled forms are send back by student directly to Ismail  Rahimtulla Trust
  4. Rahimtulla Trust sends list of successful students to KMTC Director accompanied by a cheque
  5. Communication to successful students is send to Principals by Desk Officer HQ


Any time and student can apply several times in a given year. There is even room to appeal if not successful.


: This is all students’ initiative


Application open to all Pre-service students

Other Criteria not known but needy students should apply



Ismail Rahimtulla Trust, 

  1. O. Box 40333 – 00100, 

Nairobi, Kenya.


  1. Grant given once to Director
  2. Director is responsible for awarding the Bursary through Bursary committee at KMTC HQ
  3. Studentsmust apply to Director through the Principal/H.O.D attaching evidence of the need for funds.
  4. Attached evidence of your financial status (Why you need financial Support. Evidence should not be based on currentfee balance or admission letter


Grant comes mostly once in a year but rarely twice.

Applications are received all throughout the Calendar year but awarding is done once the grant is received (mostly end of the Calendar year)


Application open to ALL Pre-service students

However funds are meant for very needy KMTC students and evidence attached will determine success of the application.



Kenya Medical Training College 

P.O Box 30195 – 00100



Principal (of your College)


H.O.D (of your department)

**Comments of H.O.D and Principal are very necessary for they guide Director‘s action.