How to Start Cyber Cafe Business and Requirements in Kenya

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A CyberCafé Business, also known as an Internet Café, is a place which provides Internet access to the public for a fee. These Businesses usually provide snacks and drinks, hence the name Café. The fee for using a computer is charged as a time-based rate. In Kenya Cyber Café Business is profitable if you understand best the needs of your customers and Requirements.

Requirements for Starting Internet Café


  • Business Location

I recommend that you give ground floor room a priority within a shopping center when setting up your business.

Security of the premise and that of the surrounding environment must be of high consideration. The business should be put on a main road or street to tap more foot traffic Customers. Majority of customers around this area should be of middle and low income earners.

  • Operating License from Your County Government

This is a business permit provided by the county government that allows you to operate. Set up the business then go for the license before you start operating to avoid penalty. If you are in Nairobi you need a fire certificate and the extinguisher. The advertisements you put on your door or wall needs a permit too.

Music copyright license is another basic requirement. I caution you do not save any music in your computers or external devices like cds, flash and hard disks. There are people who collude with the police to extort money from you in the name of protecting artists.

  • Fast, Reliable and Affordable Internet Service Provider

Customers are more attracted to fast browsing speeds. This makes customers feel that they have value for their money. Customers like to share with others about your services positively if they are happy. This increases traffic to your cyber. Remember you must have high speed computers too to satisfy your clients on speed. If you can access Zuku Internet Service Provider, they are the most affordable and reliable in Kenya.

  • High Speed Computers

If you want to maintain your customers, you must have high speed internet computers. We recommend hp or Dell Tower computers core2 (Duo) with a processor speed not less than 2.0 GHz. At least 2 GB ram.

  • Use Deepfreeze to protect your Client Computers

After setting up my five client computers for the first time, I realized I had only one computer working after three days. So I had to look for that technician again. I installed ant-virus but did not solve my problem. Each day I had more corrupt computers. Thanks to my friend Felix at Old Mutual Building, he provided a solution to my problem by introducing me to Deed Freeze. With Deepfreeze you only need to restart your client computers to default settings. You don’t need antivirus, Deepfreeze is enough.

  • Printer, Photocopier and Scanner Machines

For photocopy and printer black and white we recommend Ricoh machines 20 copies per minute. For color scanner use hp cheapest machines.

Ensure you have a Competent Cyber Attendant. The room must be well ventilated for fresh air and comfortable for customers who browse for long.

Make sure you have M-Pesa Services in your cyber. This will earn you extra revenue. You will have ready customers for betting sites like sport pesa.

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  1. Abdullahi Mohamed

    April 15, 2017 at 7:56 am

    hi thanks your article interested me.
    if you can please tell me materials i need for this business.
    and also a business plan for this.